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Net10 Ringtones Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get ringtones sent to my Net10?

A: Yes. RingtonePlayer supports and has tested ALL Net10 models.

What type of ringtones work with Net10 phones?

A: Only Monophonic ringtones are supported by net10
Now the newer internet enabled Net10 phones (ie: v176) support the better sounding polyphonic ringtones!. You can send them to your phone by choosing a MIDI ringtone and then selecting internet/wap, motorola sms or nokia sms, depending on the type of phone you have.

What is a monophonic ringtone?

Monophonic- ('nokia sms' or 'motorola sms')The phone can only play one note at a time. This is compatible with older Net10 models. Internet access is not required to download these ringtones because they can be sent via SMS.

Can I make my own Net10 Ringtone?

A:Yes, upload your midi playlist and we will convert it to a monophonic ringtones format that works with Net10 phone models.

Can I access the internet or get WAP content on my Net10 phone?

A:No, currently no Net10 phone has a web browser that supports Internet access.
YES! Newer Net 10 phones now have limited internet access and you can download polyphonic ringtones and color pictures to them on RingtonePlayer. (Don't expect to browse the internet these phones yet because the browser is restricted. Net10 has restricted access to only a few sites.)

Does this site really work?

A:Yes. We have improved our technology over the past 4 years. All recent Net10 models should work with RingtonePlayer.