About Crostel

Crostel is a place for friends with phones. Use it to keep in touch and share pictures, listen to music, ringtones and video with your mobile phone.

How do I use it?

A: Modern mobile phones can be given a list of pictures, video and songs to play. Most of the time the songs are on your computer, but they can also be on the web. Crostel is all about pictures and playlists of songs on the web.

Now anyone with an SMS capable mobile phone can get monophonic ringtones. For phones with Internet capapbility, full MIDI or audio can be sent to your phone for really awesome sounding and unique ringtones.

But I have an old phone or a prepaid phone with no internet access. Can I still use Crostel?

A:YES! We have worked hard to make your MIDI files work on any type of phone. For phones that do not have Internet capability we convert the ringtone to monophonic and send using SMS to your phone. Almost all phones (including prepaid models like TracFone and Net10) for sale today can play crostel MIDI ringtones.

What's a MIDI file?

A: MIDI is a file that contains the notes to play a song. It is a file that ends with the .mid extension. Most MIDI files on the Internet are polyphonic which means more than one instrument can be played at a time. For non-internet phones, Crostel will convert your polyphonic song to monophonic so it can be sent as an SMS text message to your phone.

How do I get started?

A: For starters, all you have to do is browse Crostel to find pictures or click on links to playlists and listen to the music. If you want to write your own ringtone playlists, just create an account, then click the "upload music link" button. For images, you can either upload from your computer or upload as a web link.

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